Save up to 60% of the IT development budget by creating a dedicated IT team.

We help you to create your own dedicated team with skillful professionals from Ukraine.

Hiring IT engineers locally hurts your P&L.

Feel like IT can cost you less? We know how hard it is to stay in business and generate income. It is a common story for most businesses. Building a dedicated IT team with TOP engineers from Eastern Europe… now that could be the catalyst your business needs.

Softwared helps you to form a dedicated IT team with TOP IT talents. 

Stop losing money and start focusing on growth by outsourcing IT to Softwared.

Dedicated IT office with engineers from Ukraine

Why Ukraine?

We help you finding talents in Ukraine, the IT hub of Eastern Europe.
Cost-efficient recruitment

Your costs will be 40-75% lower because of the lower wages and lower living costs for people.

A rich base of IT professionals

Set up your team faster having a rich base of 210 000 top IT talents.

Easy Communication

Ukrainians are easygoing and open-minded people. We embrace different cultures and the Canadian way of doing business. Manage your team remotely integrating same culture , values and mission.

What you will receive

Our mission is to build a high-performing team, providing talent management and support.
  • 1


    Understanding your needs & Preparing an offer with a Budget and timeline

  • 2


    Preparing documents, NDA's & SLA

  • 3


    We hunt for the best talents, although sometimes it takes time to find such engineers as node.js developers. But we succeed.

  • 4


    Preparing people for the project and organizing the work environment

  • 5

    Payroll & Accounting

    We will help you with necessary financial reports, tax optimization and support.

Why should you choose Softwared?

We are members of the Ukranian IT Cluster. Softwared Solutions bring together our specialists with 6+ years of experience in development, management, HR, and building teams for various IT companies worldwide. Read more about our experience.

24/7 client support

We are online 24/7, being in three timezones for 100% coverage.

3000+ specialists in our database

We are members of the Ukrainian IT cluster and have access to the best talents.

Moneyback guarantee

Pay for what you receive, not more. Not happy? We will give a refund in 30 days.

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