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Small business founder?

Understanding all e-commerce features and tech staff is hard and hurts your business productivity.

Trying to balance technology with business can leave you spinning your wheels. Here, at SOFTWARED, we are excited about tech and we are more than happy to free up your valuable time for the more important work. Stop poking around in the little things and start focusing on growth by outsourcing IT to SOFTWARED – the e-commerce specialists.

Your business challenges can be solved technologically.

Here are some technologies that help our clients and keep us inspired coming to work each day.
Multi-channel e-commerce solutions

Crafted individually for the needs of your business

Inventory software management

Import/Export & manage your inventory connecting it to 3d party software

Logistics and fullfilment

Connect 3d party logistics companies with an API

Automated online payments

Automate your payments, invoicing and taxes

Digital assistants

Chatbots to delegate routine tasks and increase customer satisfaction


Boost sales and increase engagement with browser notifications

What to choose: default or custom solution?

E-commerce web applications can be different. Usually, we combine open-source software into a bundle and customize it to your business processes.
Default software solutions

Boost sales or test the notion using the open-source product.

Using a default e-commerce platform can be relevant to projects with limited time and budget. This is a good idea to test a notion and understand your niche. The catch is that platforms are usually not scalable and have many drawbacks during usage. One of the popular solutions is Shopify, which we are also working with.

Custom e-commerce software development

Crafted individually for the needs of your business

You will need a custom e-commerce software development or an application in case if your business processes can’t fit into the template feature set. It will be hard to adopt a default solution and we recommend building a custom one.

E-commerce software development process

This process allows us to deliver sustainable products with high IT resilience

How do you facilitate a project scope?

We create a WBS of the project and the acceptance criteria. Our analysis is based on the previously done jobs and industry standards.

Deliverable: a project prototype in the form of user epics and user stories; a ballpark estimate of your project.

Before we start project development, we gather, analyze, and specify requirements through our thorough elicitation process. This process includes stakeholder meetings and interviews, user observation, workshops, brainstorming, use cases, and prototyping. We define the objectives for the product, what needs to be accomplished, and how the product should be used. 

What are your strength in UX?

We create UX design for both client and developers to achieve their goals. Client receives UX that will make it easier to navigate. Developer gets a guide that save development time.

Deliverable: a UX prototype

Your product requires a thoughtful UX design to solve users’ needs in the most efficient way. 

We get ready wireframes to solve that needs. 

  • Competitor analysis 
  • Information architecture 
  • Interaction design 
  • UX research Prototyping 

How do you create UI?

We create the needed UI for the target audience. On the “Analysis” stage, we craete an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and then develop design to satisfy the needs and achieve the set goals.

Deliverable: a fully designed product

We follow human-centered approach to design. This means we care about the end customers and deliver products they would enjoy using. If it’s a web solution, it will be responsive to fit all kinds of screens. 

Our UI design process includes: 

  • UI design 
  • Responsive design 
  • Graphic design 
  • Usability research and evaluation 
  • Design review 

Why Softwared Solutions?

There are many great companies on the market. Our strength is a client-oriented service and willingness to create the maximum value and long-term relationship.

Deliverable: a released product

Frontend development 

Our core technology stack for web frontend includes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. But we also work with jQuery, AngularJS, React.js and Vue.js. 

Backend development 

We are experts in PHP. This technology help us quickly build backend applications. But whenever it’s reasonable, we’ll use Python or NodeJS to make your product as efficient as possible. 

What is QA?

We make sure that your app works great. We do it once for small apps OR we create QA Automation for larger projects.

Deliverable: a fully-tested working product

We use testing methodologies for software, such as BDD (Behavior-driven development) and TDD (Test-driven development) and follow extreme programming methodology to eliminate situations that may compromise product quality. 

Our QA process includes the following testing types: 

  • Unit Regression 
  • Functional Acceptance 
  • Load Security Transaction 

How do you characterize your support?

We work 24/7/365. Our offices in Canada, Estonia and Ukraine are opened for better client survice and abality to be available for you all the time.

Deliverable: a long term cooperation process

Our maintenance activities include error correction, enhancements of capabilities, and optimization. 

We support and modify applications to cope with changes in the software environment, meet new user requirements, and ensure greater reliability. We cover: 

  • Software maintenance 
  • Product updates 
  • New feature development 
  • Continuous product improvement 
  • Continuous design improvement

What can you expect from us


We work in tight cooperation with clients, providing project updates, reports, and live demos. To provide this we use modern communication tools, to make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.


Laravel, node. js, vue.js and react.js are our core technological expertise. However, we mix different frontend & backend frameworks to deliver great results.


Our team is full of brilliant people. Some of them work in our offices, some of them work remotely. We provide the best conditions for people to stay productive.

Quality assurance

QA is a crucial part of the whole process. Apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones, providing the most accurate testing before the product launch and after the start.

E-commerce software development and web development portfolio

In our work, we have helped more than 25 clients around the world, delivering great products and providing outstanding support. Here are just some of them, developed in recent months.

Custom solutions, tailored for your needs

We have developed many projects and have our own solutions in the following spheres

Custom marketplace

Your business idea is a core motivation for us to deliver the right solution. If you are looking forward to creating the next Airbnb or create a new niche on the market, we are here to help you. From the discovery phase - to the digital strategy, you will get a top tier web development service.

Branding & Responsive design

System & Booking management

Financial system & payments

Messaging, ratings & reviews

Content sorting, categories & smart filters

Custom CRM

Our business expertise includes the development of CRM systems for marketplaces and for internal usage in medium and large enterprises. Our software solution can easily be customized to meet your needs. There are many developed elements that can be used in most business spheres. This will save the development time and your budget.

Sales management & forecasting

Canban & other PM tools

Analysis & reporting

Smart notifications (system, email, etc)

Communication channels and team collaboration

E-commerce management system

We believe that each business needs an individual approach in the online strategy. One tht most important things is an effective online management system. With Softwared Solutions you can customize one of the common systems, use ower solutions or create the system with the custom features from scratch.

Inventory management

Product reviews

Checkout, order & user management

Marketing & analytics

Payments and shipping methods integrations

Free consultation

We look forward to learning more about you. To understand your needs and ascertain that we are the right software development company for you, we offer an initial 30-minute consultation free of charge. We would love to know how we can help you to achieve even greater success.
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