A quick overview of Softwared Solutions process and details of our workflow.

Our process

  • 1

    Understanding a new product

    A detailed concept & scope definition and evaluation of the project. We communicate with a client to identify the goals and business opportunities.

  • 2

    Appraisal for an existing product

    Our process will start from the audit of an existing solution. We evaluate the solution and identify possible improvements for UX design, functionality, security and business needs.

  • 3

    Engineering and product design

    Before actual development, we do the business analysis requirements elicitation and UX design. We hear our clients and create prototypes regarding business goals and defined specifications.

  • 4

    Product development and QA

    We start client & server-side development using UX research and business analysis. In addition to that, we continue working on the UI design, delivering the final visual representation of the product. We guarantee excellent quality of code by continuous QA sessions.

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At Softwared Solutions, we use various communication tools and management methodologies to mitigate possible risks and control product quality.

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