Real Estate


Ukraine, Spain


A custom website and CRM for the biggest real estate agency in Ukraine.

  • PHP, Laravel
  • Python, Django
  • Vue.js
  • Leaflet Maps
  • SQL
  • Bootstrap

We created an ecosystem for 560 realty agents in Atlanta and its customers.


Atlanta Inc. is an absolute leader on the real estate market in Ukraine. It has 550+ agents, 39 filias in 6 regions and highest level of corporate responsibility. In addition, Atlanta also sells properties in the EU.

Mihail Kapustyanskiy, founder and CEO of Atlanta, needed a CRM system that will be benefitial for realtors, a website that will be able to bring high traffic and a tech ecosystem that will take corporate straucture on a new level.

Softwared team was working on this website for about 3 years as private individuals. This long-term project united us as a team and became a fundament to build our IT company.


At Softwared Solution we know that one of the most important business decisions is to make a great corporate structure and management system. Atlanta, as a leader on Ukrainian market needed a CRM that will include:

  • Sales Analytics for own and franchise offices
  • Call-tracking system
  • Autoposting to MLS databases
  • Auto advertisements in social nets and top-3 marketplaces
  • Easy load of properties for realtors
  • Education portal for realtors
  • Smart and extended search through the CRM
  • Buyers and seller database with an ability to contact them
  • Personnel information, KPIs tracktion
  • Sales funnel management
  • Management reports
  • Connection to messengers and SMS providers
  • Analytics and forecasts for future sales
  • Property price stats and forecasts
  • Online security for all the data

“Vector” also became a tool for other real estate brokers to upload their properties in the net. Atlanta made partnerhips with all members of the realty community and they were able to use resources of Atlanta to sell their objects.

Therefore, “Vector” became a Marketplace for everyone that would like to sell a property.

Custom CRM 'Vector'

We developed a custom CRM that helped in better management decisions and boosted sales +157%

Website is not only a website for Atlanta realtors. It is a marketplace for other agents that are part of realty community.

We did the SEO of the website.
The website is a great tool for the company to generate leads and grow in sales every month, since Atlanta is ranked #1 in Google search. This rating resulted to 289k of unique visits per month. (Which was only 95 / month when we started our cooperation).

Website features: 

  • High-end connection with CRM “Vector”
  • Marketplace for other agents and partners
  • Smart search with elements of AI
  • Registration of new properties
  • Online communication
  • Up-to-date prices and biggest database of properties
  • Franchise management
  • Online magazine
  • New buildings and developers management
  • Career and education of agents
  • Event planning and appointment booking

Website traffic

We did the SEO that resulted in 270-320k visitors/month and great behavioral characteristics.


  • Created an architecture of the CRM and website.
  • Conveyed a UX/UI design for entire website and CRM that will result in high Google indexing and suttisfaction of realtors.  
  • Performed a backend and fronend development of both CRM and website icluding all the feature mentioned above. 
  • Developed additional features for CRM that will tighten realtors and management 
  • Implemented QA automation to find bags in the whole system.
  • Developed a connection between third party providers (call-tracking, MLS, marketplaces) and CRM “Vector”
  • Developed a differentiation of access levels.
  • Were working on SEO ranking of the website, doing techical SEO, link building, conversion rate optimization and failiors fixing.


Our solution was a creation of the most effective combination of the website and CRM that will be practically convenient for realtors, management, partners and clients.

We did not use any of the onen source CMS on the market and developed everything from scratch using PHP, Laravel and vue.js frameworks. Some elements of the website and “Vector” also needed lower level programming language.

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The most innovative CRM system for own agents and other partners; website with 288k traffic; high-end management system that allows to open franchises and effectively manage them.

Atlanta went a long way from being a local agency to a national leader in the industry. For 18 years, since 2001, the company was never so successful. We are happy that we were a part of Atlanta brand history and brought great tech advancement that leaded to higher hights.

Till now, our team cooperate with Atlanta and develop other small features for the website and CRM. We know that a long term cooperation is a key to great results.

From the start to the end, we loved working with Hennadii and other guys. Our board was absorbed with their ideas and innovative decisions in building a digital identity of our company. Secondly, we increased sales and opened new subsidiaries in other cities, which made us a national company.
Mihail Kapustyanskiy Founder and CEO, Atlanta Inc