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Canada / USA


Bath Fan Selector is a tool for HVAC installers that helps to choose the right Fan for the bath depending on the humidity in the room and the velocity of the fan flow.

  • SPA (node.js)
  • vue.js
  • PHP, Laravel
  • MySQL

Users can easily specify parameters of the bath and the needed the fan.


Systemair is a leading ventilation group with operations in 50 countries throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and South Africa. It develops, designs, manufactures and market high-quality ventilation products and systems for customers in more than 130 countries. The Company was founded in 1974 at the initiative of Chairman of the Board Gerald Engström. Its shares have been quoted on the Mid Cap List of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since October 2007.


Under the Fantech brand, the company develops, design and market ventilation solutions in North America. Products are sold to distributors in the United States and Canada by the Group’s own sales staff and agents. Systemair uses the Fantech brand for the residential sector.


Bathroom Fan Selector helps Fantech clients and bath installers to find the right product, see the manuals and buy it from existing distributors.

The main goal of the app is to provide users a tool that will give an accurate recommendation on which product to choose and which accessory to use with it.
Our second goal was to save the time of the Fantech manager and provide analytics on which products are used the most.

Alex, Fantech Product Manager and our client, needed a tool that will outperform any other softly on the market. This will allow Fantech clients to get the needed information directly from the company, omitting middleman.


The manager is able to apply the needed manual for the product, assign accessories and see demand statistics.

Admin Panel

The manager is able to apply the needed manual for the product, assign accessories, work with distributors and see demand statistics.

Fan information and customization of products


  • Conveyed a UX/UI design that will give a viable and non-biased design logic. It was important to stay clear and straight to the point. 
  • Designed user flow and analyzed various scenarios to get the lowest churn rate and increase user satisfaction by using 
  • Calculated algorithms that choose the right products for bathrooms and formulated an output for the user. 
  • Created an admin panel for Fantech management and sales department that will allow us to see stats, manage products, interact with distributors and get system notifications.
  • Programed and designed custom PDF files for products and accessories that change its data ‘on-the-flow’.
  • Provided Fantech enough security for the app. Alex needed to understand that the data is safe and in control.


Our solution was a clear application that has one clear goal – show the user direct information on which product to use. The mathematical algorithm understands what combination of products and accessories are right for the bath to operate.

Bath Fan Selector is not a usual e-commerce website, it is used for other marketing reasons. Regular e-commerce shop allows to choose the product and buy it. Bath Fan, on the contrary, helps users on the decision-making stage and provide help by proposing exactly the right products.

Bath Fan Selector Application eliminates the role of the sales manager and support team. On the other hand, it is a source of data for Fantech to track user interests and needs.


Softwared team developed a solution for Fantech to stand out on the market and remain the ventilation industry leader. Bath Fan Selector Application is the best tool on the market that is customized for bathroom ventilation products. Fantech (and other Systemair) brands are now using the app to get better customer loyalty and market strength.