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An app that helps radon mitigators accurately do the job. Knowing the exact sub-slab pressure drop characteristic, radon mitigation becomes science, not an art.

  • SPA (node.js)
  • vue.js
  • PHP, Laravel
  • MySQL

This starting page was designed to provide the user with the easiest and straightforward access to the needed sections.


Systemair is a leading ventilation group with operations in 50 countries throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and South Africa. It develops, designs, manufactures and market high-quality ventilation products and systems for customers in more than 130 countries. The Company was founded in 1974 at the initiative of Chairman of the Board Gerald Engström. Its shares have been quoted on the Mid Cap List of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since October 2007.


Under the Fantech brand, the company develops, design and market ventilation solutions in North America. Products are sold to distributors in the United States and Canada by the Group’s own sales staff and agents. Systemair uses the Fantech brand for the residential sector.


Pressure Field Extension Diagnostic Kit (or PFEDK ) helps radon mitigators accurately do their job. Due to varying sub-slab soil conditions and building size, determining the exact negative pressure required for the job has always been a challenge. 


PFEDK App is a project initiated by Hamid Massali. The aim of the app is to provide Fantech clients a convenient soft that will help to choose the right PFEDK and see its energy efficiency comparing to the other devices. 


Hamid asked Softwared Solutions to build a web app that will automatically calculate algorithms and display the result for the user. The challenge was to accurately display large algorithms and create viable UX/UI and app speed to satisfy the needs of qualified ventilation professionals. 


Hamid was looking for a reliable partner that will accurately do the calculations and create Job management platform for users and administrator. 

Calculation results

The user receives an output of the calculation. Here are represented the possible product options depending on the custom inputs. In addition, the user can see real cash savings by using Fantech products.

User profile

The records are carefully stored in user profile and in the admin panel.


  • Conveyed a UX audit of the solution to create a viable and non-biased design logic. Our aim was to create native usability that Fantech customers would understand.
  • Designed user flow and analyzed various scenarios in order to get the lowest churn rate and increase user satisfaction. 
  • Calculated algorithms for radon calculations and formulated a guided method for the user to interact with an IoT device. 
  • Created a user profile and system management in order to provide customers full and easy access to the output results. 
  • Designed a fully managed administration panel, where Hamid can control his users and see the core of the algorithm.  
  • Chose a VPS server for Hamid and Fantech to create a web application and handle high-level operations. 


Softwared Solutions completed the UX design for the application. We had to provide the cleanest and easy solution for clients of Fantech. We proposed Hamid to use the Material design library and Google UX principles in building web applications. This application is unique in its industry because all other competitors are providing just the tool kit. 

We also created with Hamid the financial effectiveness calculation for the user. So that the user knows what is the actual benefit of using PFEDK by Fantech.


Through our 7 month cooperation, we did a fully custom algorithmic product for Hamid. Fantech customers now will have a product that neither of the other Fantech competitors had. Fantech as a SystemAir brand now can differentiate on the market. 

The most important thing is quality. Secondly, the attitude to the task and comprehension of the business process. Softwared did a great job. Hennadii, Ruslan and their team understood clearly my needs and developed the solution that I needed for my customers.
Hamid Massali Engineer Manager, Systemair NA