Fantech Inc.


Canada / USA


Registration is a software that allows Fantech managers to fully manage product reggistrations and increase sales by using system algorythms. This CRM helps to automate work of a sales department and make sure that each client receives the right support.

  • SPA (node.js)
  • vue.js
  • PHP, Laravel
  • MySQL

Manager can see new registrations on the website, see details, send emails to the customer and assign tasks.


Systemair is a leading ventilation group with operations in 50 countries throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and South Africa. It develops, designs, manufactures and market high-quality ventilation products and systems for customers in more than 130 countries. The Company was founded in 1974 at the initiative of Chairman of the Board Gerald Engström. Its shares have been quoted on the Mid Cap List of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since October 2007.


Under the Fantech brand, the company develops, design and market ventilation solutions in North America. Products are sold to distributors in the United States and Canada by the Group’s own sales staff and agents. Systemair uses the Fantech brand for the residential sector.


Fantech clients are independent contractors, HVAC installers and homeowners. When the product is bought and being installed in the house, it may be registered on the Fantech website.

On the other side, managers see newcoming registrations and can easily manipulate them in the custom CRM that was built using the Vuitify framework. Managers can send private/bulk emails, set up notifications and assign tasks, create/change clients’ profiles.

The main advantage of this custom CRM is that all the actions are tight to each section and it is aimed to automate sales of accessories and additional products.

Our project on the official website

Fantech announced the project to their clients and management.

Single registration

In the detailed view, each registration allows managers to see the history of actions, delete, comment, send emails, assign labels and modify information.

SPA technology allows doing needed actions using pop up forms and other native UX elements that does not load the page and save server response time.

Fantech managers can easily see previous actions and emails.


  • Conducted a multiplatform UX design using Material design patterns. Adopted previous CMS architecture and restructure it implementing micro-interactions that make it more engaging. 
  • Designed a database architecture for the stable server work. We used a no-SQL method to create even more data protection. 
  • Determined a set of functionality on the discovery phase using user interviews and tight collaboration with Fantech managers.  
  • Programmed SPA application that works without the page load and therefore is much faster compared to the other methods. 
  • Created relations between the pages and the ability to manage data on-the-flow.
  • Programed a custom, non-biased CRM to reach such goals as sales increase, sales automation, analytics, and user engagement.
  • Introduced new product feature to the Fantech team before the release of the product.


Both the information and application structure of the CRM required a complete redesign that will provide a seamless experience while using the developed features for customer registrations management.

Most importantly, our team created a custom system that allowed us to save time by sending email templates using smart filtering and recommendations. It also boosted sales by implemented AI to contact clients that may need a product update.

Our main solution was to create an easy-to-use infrastructure for one of the Fantech Projects. We were tasked to create a high-speed application in 1 month that will be ready to handle a server load from and multiple operations in the CRM.


As a result, we delivered a CRM and a website that enable a superior user experience for both clients and managers. We also gave a thoughtful time to the speed and security of the application. This project gave us trust from Fantech Corporation for the long term partnership and further tech alliance.