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A custom website with 3D tours and visualization of apartments for one of the largest development companies in Odesa, Ukraine.

  • PHP, Laravel
  • Js
  • Concept 3D

We developed a digital identity that increased sales 72%

The company and the project

Odesa Development is one of the leading construction companies on the market. The company has a clear understanding of the imporance of their online presence. The company decided to reorganize, refactor and modernize their existing systems. Our challenge was to develop a software solution that would have represented all benefits of the new building:

  • 3D tours of the area
  • Visualisation of free and bought apartments
  • Apartment list management
  • Connection to the 3-party CRM
  • Booking system
  • Call-tracking and online chat, connected to 3 messengers

3D tours

3D tours allowed clients to see their future apartment and feel the atmosphere

Marketing automation

Data on the availability, sufficient illustrations, window view, the layout plan, sales funnel system, management system.


  • Created solution for apartment avaliability visualization, data management and layout plan
  • Integrated a 3D tour feature that increased time on site and decreased a churn rate.  
  • Designed a site structure and custom content management system.  
  • Connected a website to needed CRMs and other third party services through and API connection. 


After receiving the requirements of the project, we did a discovery phase on which technologies to use to implement 3D tours and visualized apartment booking system. The first work we did was to upgrade the existing elements on the site and understand how can increase the number of applications and calls from developers’ site. We did an integration on the website and it boosted sales 72% up.

After that, we restored and upgraded server-side rendering to make sure that everything works as necessary. We also did a webiste optimization to make sure the webiste works fst with many third party service providers. We introduced lazy loading to make all the sections load separately – it significantly shortened the loading time.

3D Tours

Property visual layout

Marketing automation


We created a website that stands out from other websites in the industry.

The biggest result that we ahieved was an sales increase. This was ahieved by ahieving better user behaviors on the website and SEO rankings. To ahieve this we implemented data on the availability of apartments, beautiful illustrations, window view, the layout plan, sales funnel system, management system and 3D tours of the area.

Together with Softwared Solutions team, we developed a website that is not only beautiful but also satisfies our business goals. We believe that this work was only the start of our cooperation.
Helen Wagner Director, Odesa Traditions Inc