Consumer goods


London, Ontario


A single brand online store with custom shipping methods and tax calculation. The website has three languages will be needed to boost sales in the EU.

  • Custom 3D models
  • Custom WordPress website
  • E-commerce
  • SEO

The website is used for both marketing reasons and a tool for online sales.

The company and the project

The Ez Creeper Company is a local company on London, Ontario that manufactures aircraft creepers. This is a hand-powered device that elevates and de-elevates “on-the-fly” without any need to disembark.

G.J. Rancourt, the owner of the company and inventor for this unique technology, needed a website that will help him in sales in the EU. His goal was to ensure that the website will give all the needed materials to the potential customer and automate the process of delivery and payments.

Custom 3D models

We created two 'live' 3D models for both products.

Cart and check out

The cart is fully custom. You can edit product modifications and accessories. It calculates the shipping rates & tax rates for each country.


  • Created custom 3D models for two creepers;
  • Conducted the shipping rates for different countries + taxes applied;
  • Translated the website into 3 languages;
  • Connected Stripe payments and shipping API’s to the website; 
  • Developed custom buttons and other elements for the website identity.


We proposed Mr. Rancourt to develop a custom WordPress website + 3D models for Ez Creepers + custom cart with e-commerce options for different countrises.

It was a good decision, since WordPress is good for the websites with couple of products. All the attention and content was focused on the product which builds a great brand identity.

In addition to that, clients get their convenience in an online purchase, since the cart understands that location and applies needed rates and taxes.

Custom 3D models

Custom cart

Stripe payments


G.J. Rancourt received a website that is ready-to-use, Google-friendly and good to attract new customers. After the finish of development, the company was able to sell its creepers globally. We proudly show this case study, since it is one of the cases of e-commerce websites that works awesome. The new design is favorable for online sales inside and outside Canada.

I am glad that we have done such a big path with Hennadii and his team. It was a pleasure to work with professionals. Now The Worlds Only Aircraft Creepers can be sold over the world online!
G.J. Rancourt Founder, The Ez Creeper