Real Estate



Project is a decentralized real estate online marketplace that connects landlords and buyers, eliminating the role of a real estate agency.

  • Handelbars
  • PHP, Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • Chart.js
  • Yii

The transparent ecosystem with verified information on landlords and buyers fosters trust between the parties.


For the last 25 years Ukrainian real estate market was a closed community of agents and agencies. Rates and comissions were negotiated between parties and usually realtors were able to charge a double comission in every deal. Our biggest challenge was to change this bias and show an easier way to make deals. With platform we were able to bring together landlords and buyers.

Softwared Solutions was a tech partner in this startup and took part from the start of business analysis to the market entry. became the first online marketplace that will eliminate the need for the agent/broker model by allowing landlords and tenants to complete all tasks online in a peer to peer manner.

Features had to establish a new standard of buying procedures that will benefit for both sides of the deal. The most valuable features are:

  • Searching for properties;
  • Making offers / bids via the auctioning platform;
  • Screening prospects;
  • Negotiating the terms;
  • Submitting requests;
  • Enabling landlords to stay connected with buyers.

An online profile

The user is able to fully manage his/her properties, use live chat and control finances.

Exporting to all MLS systems

Own API made it possible to connect to other marketplaces and MLS systems.


  • Researched and alalysed the niche and made a viable business plan.
  • Conveyed a UX/UI design that will feat the needs of real estate market and be appropriate for a low churn rate. 
  • Performed a techical task for the MVP, while organizing the marketing plan.
  • Developed the architecture of the marketplace as well as the whole platform icluding admin panel, user profiles and API’s. 
  • Implemented and tied to a platform a payment method for users to pay for services online.
  • Programed an automated user identification system and management board for agencies.
  • Created algoritmic texts that change its content depending on the website data. This resulted to constant content change and great SEO indexing.


Softwared team analyzed the market, made a UX/UI design, developed the architecture of the solution and the final product in 9 month. was launched in the partnership of the biggest real estate holding in Ukraine, Atlanta. Together, we systemized the solution and the erchitecture of the product. We have also developed the features that our customers needed, since Atlanta has a deep analytics on their customers.

The monitization of the marketplace was based on the listing fees and promotion. It is the most relevant option, since it is hard to control the deal on this B2B market.

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We developed a marketplace that had no competitors on the ukrainian market. With a solid partner on Odessa real estate market we were able to ahieve the results that were not predictable. 

To sum up, we helped the project to have the right architecture, save time and give right functionality for its customers. The used technologies allowed to stay up to date even after 2 years of the development. It also empowered real estate agencts to use the platform for their benefits increasing sales, and closing deals.

We are glad that you developed with Softwared team. From the start to the end we were happy with each step that we did together. Today is working and has a big impact on the real estate market.
Dima Pobereznij Director, Atlanta Inc